Receiver module and polyphase kit for HB TCVR project

Daimon Tilley

I am building my own multi-band, Arduino VFO driven, CW TCVR. This is based on the GQRP Sudden VFO but with significant coding changes (by me) for multi-band use.

The VFO will drive a QRPLabs 5w PA kit. I want to add a good  RX and will use the VFO Arduino to switch LPF's and BPF's.  I want to drive an audio amp not a PC soundcard. Would the QRP Labs Receiver module and Polyphase kit (I don't want both side-bands) be suitable for this?

Second question - as the receiver kit is designed for a wide range of modes I assume the BW filtering will be too open for CW, so any suggestions for a good CW filter option too.

This is my biggest homebrew project so far so all advice gratefully received.

Best 73 and thanks in advance,

Daimon. G4USI

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