Re: #QDX V3 filters and low output power #qdx


Hi Mike,

Your RF sweeps look very different to the ones I posted for my 12v v3 QDX…

The left hand scale on my graphs range between -10 and -30 approx. Yours seem to start around -45 and drop to -60. Not sure if these are supposed to be indicative of dB?

If someone has expertise in this area it would be good to have some more guidance on what looks “good” in these graphs and what definitely looks bad! 

In terms of power output, I would expect some variation and drop off at the higher frequencies. Using the QRP Labs dummy load I measured 23v on 80m down to 20v on 20m which equates approximately to a range of 6W-4W. I’m happy with that given all the variables involved…


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