Re: #QDX V3 filters and low output power #qdx

Esa Nieminen

Thak you very much Mike

I have very different from mine. I can send them later. But I have good reference now.

73 de oh2awg, Esa N

On 29.6.2022 21.20, Mike GM1RHV wrote:


Also running QDX V3 at 9V here and did my initial transmitter tests in to a dummy load today.
80m and 30m = 5W - I'm happy with that. Not so happy with ~3.2W for 40m and ~3.5W for 20m.
For the filter sweeps (attached) I just used the option in the utility to change band each time.
What makes me suspicious is that 30m power is in spec but 20m isn't, yet they share filtering, at least in the design.
I thought I was careful when fitting the coils and capacitors...

73 Mike GM1RHV

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