Re: Covid-19

R. Tyson

>Reg, do you have any peer reviewed evidence to provide supporting you opinions?

They are not my opinions. If you search online you will find material by some of the world's leading scientists, cardiologists and pathologists.

You will NOT find it in any of the mainstream media. You will also not find it in the medical journals, they rely very heavily on the advertising revenue from the big pharma. companies.

To spark your interest have a look at the record of just one company, Pfizer. If you search you will find the details of all the court cases against them, it also applies to the others. They are in court on, virtually, a yearly basis and have paid out $billions. Just look at what they were in court for.

That will show you what you are dealing with and once you see their record it will shock you.

The covid vaccine....   the spike protein is actually toxic. Remdesivir (Fauci pushes this relentlessly, costs $'s to make and sells for $ thousands.
The Chinese had 3 labs working on that drug and dropped all trials because it was so toxic that it killed everything they gave it to. No one yet knows what the spike protein will do to the human body, that will become apparent as we go along. It is already being found that it produces micro blood clots. The mechanism whereby it does this is there if you dig through some scientific papers, it is to do with the ACE2 receptors in the blood vessels.

Anyone who thinks the industry and Fauci are working to benefit them is 2 tiles short of a roof. Their only intent is to make as much money as possible it would seem.

Reg                               G4NFR

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