Re: Covid-19

Paul AI4EE

The Gov't makes rules for radio amateurs. We have to follow them.

The Radio Amateur community makes up operating guidelines. They are optional, but we all benefit when we all follow them.

Hans could enforce rules, but he leaves the community to mostly govern itself. This works well most of the time.

When people take it upon themselves to ignore community guidelines, this diminishes the freedom which people enjoy because of these guidelines.

Telling me to mute a topic which is posted against guidelines is, to me, a bit like throwing a brick through my window and then telling me it's my fault for not having my shutters closed.

I have no authority to stop anyone from posting anything. I have to rely on the poster's courtesy and on his/her ability to shelve their ego and stop violating guidelines.

So please, enough with the Covid-19 thread.

Paul,  AI4EE

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