Re: Prevent vibration of inductors #50w amplifier #50w

Charles Johnson

I agree with Curt. Unless you have it in an environment where it is subject to constant vibration, I can't imagine your needing to secure the inductors and transformers. Perhaps if you travel a lot and the amp normally goes in a small trailer or the trailer of a semi, you might want a little extra reinforcement, but then, if that is the case, securing the components in the amp will probably be well down the 'worry list' ;-) :-/

I've built a 40m version of the 50W PA and I'd say that keeping the heatsink fins from damaging other things is my biggest concern! Hans, how much would it add to the cost to add a 'bottom' to the heatsinks and then round off the edges and corners? (note: that's a sincere question :-) )


Charles Johnson

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