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Yannig - F4IUJ

Actually no, science has never been supported by facts as there is no such thing as a fact in the scientific world! this is a recurring misrepresentation of science constantly made by politicians and journalists who are trying to misuse science to their advantage...

Science is supported by evidence!

Scientists make hypothesis such as "the earth is spheric" when they find evidence giving them good reasons to think that their hypothesis is true. Other scientists who have (by "trade") a sceptical approach try to disprove said hypothesis. If the hypothesis is right, they can't do it and eventually when the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of the initial hypothesis, the scientific community accepts it and call it a theory (which is word that journalists and politicians constantly misuse by the way). At some point in the future somebody builds a a new instrument that permits to measure the earth shape more accurately and states "actually no the earth is a sphere flattened at the poles", the same process is applied and the old theory is discarded for a new one that represents more accurately the shape of the earth.

Despite all the railing on "theories" and lack of reliability of science (lay people often want truths set in stone that they call "facts"), most statements you hear/read in mainstream media would not stand scientific scrutiny for more than 5 seconds, many statements called "facts" would be called "speculation" by a trained scientist.

If you are interested in these subjects, you can document yourself on "Bertrand Russel" who is 20th century philosopher who dedicated a lot of time to define "science" from "pseudo-science".

Documenting oneself on a subject is a very time consuming and tedious job as scientists go into great details and long arguments are made for / against various hypothesis. One statement taken out of a scientific paper (something journalists love to do) is not an absolute truth, it has to be read in its context. It is much safer to read vulgarisation in mainstream scientific magazines to make up your mind, even scientists do it.... It is very easy to misrepresent science, as a rule of thumb don't trust websites offering an "alternative truth". Chances are that they are trying to mislead you for economic or political reasons. A scientist managing to disprove a theory becomes a star (Einstein who famously disproved Newton theory of gravity would be a good example), if something (such a climate change) was so easy to disprove that it could be demonstrated by a man stating a few things in a blog, lot of scientists would be rushing to be first to publish such groundbreaking science. This hasn't happened yet, so scepticism is the right approach especially if you are not a scientist trained in this field!!!


Yannig - F4IUJ

On Sat, Jun 4, 2022 at 11:44 PM, R. Tyson wrote:
On Wed, Jun 1, 2022 at 05:37 PM, Rick Williams - VE7TK wrote:
The science is supported by the facts. Opinions are just that. They are not science. Trying to convince someone that their opinions are NOT science is a futile task. Or put another way"
Indeed.... science used to be supported by the facts but what if that situation has deliberately bee subverted ?  Before you trust "the science" follow back two paths.  Follow back the science and does it leave a credible trail and auditing process, then follow back the money trail.
With the recent "pandemic" following back those two paths rapidly blows "the science" out of the water.

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