Re: QDX V3 arrival and build


On Fri, May 27, 2022 at 09:24 AM, Pete Snipe wrote:
I plan to use a Pi Zero 2 combined with a tablet running VNC - for remote desktop. 
I forgot to add that if you decide that you need some additional USB ports for the Pi Zero, I found these cool little USB hubs that are
designed to fit the Pi Zero and expand the USB to 4 type-A ports :

This gives you the option use one USB port to the rig and a second to a USB GPS dongle or whatever else you might need to connect.



P.S. I am also patiently waiting on my REV3 QDX.

I built my REV1 QDX a few weeks back, played with it for a week and then loaned it to a friend who is now vacationing on the west coast.
He is having a ton of fun working DX with this little gem on FT8/FT4. Needless to say, after playing with my REV1 QDX my friend put in an order to QRP Labs for his own QDX ;-) 

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