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On Tue, May 17, 2022 at 09:29 PM, Kees T wrote:
Sounds "relatively" simple and inexpensive. The GalliumOS seems to support quite a few Chromebooks.
If you have a newer Chromebook with an Intel architecture you don't even need to install GalliumOS.
You can run native Linux (Debian) applications alongside Chrome and Android apps.

There is a beta Linux capability that just needs to be enabled on the Chromebook. The only tricky part is that  you need to make sure that when you plug a USB device in that
the Advanced Settings are such that the USB device is shared with the Linux Environment.  Linux apps show up with icons just like the Chrome/Android apps. 

I recently loaned out my QDX to a friend who is going on a trip so I didn't try this setup with the QDX but I ran JTDX on my Chromebook last week for a few days with my Yaesu FT-991A and made a dozen or so FT8/FT4 QSOs with it and it works great.  (see attached photo). The caveat is that I think that the Chromebook has to be reasonably high-end and fairly new otherwise it is likely underspeced for this (i.e. a older used Chromebook is not likely to work). 


Michael VE3WMB 

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