Re: QDX with Elecraft T1


I wonder what a "Zip - Cord" 20 meter dipole with a 1/4 wave zip cord
feeder looks like attached to a T-1 on a QCX on 20m CW /-)

On 5/14/22, Paul Ross <W3FIS@...> wrote:
Don't know for sure, but a MUCH better bet for low power systems are the "T"
or "Z match" tuners with a built in resistive SWR bridge which provides a
"safe" load during tune up. I use either the QRP Kits "Z" match tuner, or
the 4 State QRP "T" tuner to good advantage. Not "automatic," but really
easy to learn how to use. If you are going to do "band hopping" with one on
the SAME antenna, then simply make a "cheat" card or label with the
approximate settings for each band of interest, especially for the "T"
tuner, as you have three adjustments. With the SWR bridge "out," tune for
maximum noise -- gets you in the right ballpark, then set bridge "in," and
dip the LED, then switch it out. Takes longer to talk about it than to do


*73's Pat N5VMO*

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