Re: QDX T2 windings size #transformer #qdx


On Sun, May 8, 2022 at 08:30 PM, Michael VE3WMB wrote:
My only build issue was with T2. I measured three 20cm lengths of wire for the trifilar winding and twisted them for 50 turns according to the manual, only to find that when I came to wind it on the core, I didn't have enough wire to wind the necessary number of turns, Fortunately I had lots of #28 AWG wire leftover so I cut three 30cm lengths and started over again. This was way too much so probably 25 cm lengths would have worked ok. 
It just occurred to me that my twists were 360 degrees (i.e. a full revolution of the screwdriver used as a grip). 

If the intent was to do 180 degree twists (which might make sense) then I  would ended up with the equivalent of around 100 of the 180 degree twists which would no doubt significantly shorten the wires. It didn't hurt anything as the rig works fine with lots of power out and the wires were easily wound around the core with no issues. 

Michael VE3WMB

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