Re: EFHW from ARRL

Al Sines

I’d hardly call the popularity of EFHW antennas “cult like following”. 

There are many reasons for the EFHW’s popularity:

1. Materials are commonly available 
2. The antenna is inexpensive to build. 
3. The antenna is easy to build. 
4. The antenna is very easy to install. 
5. The antenna does provide reasonable performance 
6. The EFHW is a great portable antenna for SOTA or POTA and other portable operations. 

I used to have a tower and beam antennas and satellite antennas and dipoles. Now I live in a gated community at the beach that prohibits such things. So a ground mounted vertical and EFHW antennas keep me out of trouble with the home owners association and allow me to participate in ham radio with reasonable performance. 

So be baffled no more. There are many reasons the EFHW is popular. There I fixed it for you!😝

73, Alan, W3AL 

On May 8, 2022, at 08:19, Michael.2E0IHW via <blumu@...> wrote:

 We  understand that an end-fed is not the ideal antenna.  However, for many of us
it is a feasible multiband compromise. If the military use it in the field, it can't be useless.
So expertise on the "least inefficient"  implementation  is of considerable interest.
We  also now have to be mindful of the new
ICNIRP/ofcom/emf regulations.

Michael 2E0IHW

...I'm baffled at the cult like following the EFHW has. Put up a balanced dipole
on the frequency you want to operate on.  A 40 meter dipole is only 34 feet
on each side of the balun/center insulator. ...
Thanks, 73, Jim W7RY
On 5/7/2022 3:24 PM, Paul Christensen wrote:

For me, the unun EFHW would be an antenna of last, or nearly last resort.


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