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Charles Johnson

I'm baffled at the cult like following the EFHW has. Put up a balanced dipole on the frequency you want to operate on. A 40 meter dipole is only 34 feet on each side of the balun/center insulator.


Thanks, 73, Jim W7RY


Three letters - HOA :-) I can easily and discreetly put the box with the impedance-matching coil on the side of my house and, for QRP levels, loosely run insulated wire through the trees in my backyard. Save the jump from the house to the first tree, no one will notice. I should note that in my subdivision, all utility connections are buried, so there's basically nothing in the air (all satellite dishes are on the back sides of the houses and any OTA TV antennas are in the attics). I will be doing very well to get one end of an EFHW antenna 20-ft in the air.

Also, while my house is in a unique position such that I could probably rig a (sloping) dipole that could go as low as 40m, there is the issue of the feedline - the issue isn't the length, but the lawn service! Even if I came straight down and went into buried PVC piping, it would never last :-/ (remember, their work speed is set to Warp 3 or something...) True, I could do my back yard by myself, but I'm very sensitive to heat (I live in Tennessee, USA) and since an EFHW is an option...


For those running antenna wires through trees, while version one of my EFHW is a K6ARK-based antenna with half of 24-ga zip-wire for the antenna (it's just for QRP levels), so long as the wire is draped fairly loosely, should I be OK? Also, what about if/when I want to kick it up a bit wrt transmitter power and/or do something like FT8? (I would think that the heavier duty cycle would call for a more robust antenna) Is the insulation on, say, 18-ga wiring bought from Home Depot sufficient? We don't have -that- much in the way of wind here (though we do have rain...), but better safe than sorry :-)


Charles Johnson

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