Re: EFHW from ARRL

Paul Christensen

>”The results are below, a small MFJ Travel Tuner was required on some bands only... The test was made using WSPR @ 5w.”


I don’t want to diminish anyone’s enjoyment who use an EFHW antenna, but the result you show is not impressive with 5W.  WSPR, like other new digital modes often portray the detection of signals that cannot otherwise be turned into QSOs using traditional modes. 


I no longer operate FT8, but two years ago, I experimented with FT8 using nothing more than ladder-line terminated and stapled into my backyard fence.  In other words, no antenna only a transmission line hung about 10 ft in the air.   SWR is essentially infinite but for the small amount of line imbalance caused by the routing of the ladder line.  On 20m FT8, I worked over 30 countries in one day with the transceiver delivering 30W into an extremely high SWR. 


The new digital modes compensate for much, including poor antennas, low power, and poor location. 


Paul, W9AC


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