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Interesting perspective. I would think that if the goal of the QCX QSO party was to work hams USING a QCX, then having QRO ops try to make these contacts is a great idea. If the goal is QCX to QCX ONLY QSO, then don't expect huge number of QSO's, it is just so much more difficult.

I"m a dedicated QRP op and also working my way through the SKCC ranks. I regularly operate SKCC freq at 5w and more times than not work a QRO station. I consistently I receive a RST only 2 S units below their RST report and furthermore,  the OP on the other end is amazed by what a QRP sig can do.  Even trying to work dedicated QRP SKCC stations with the aid of a sked page, QRPx2 has proven to be difficult.

I agree w/ Allen that limiting only to QCX to QCX is too narrow and if you opened to higher power, you will make more contacts and more likely than not will encourage more hams to try QRP and / or a QCX.

Perhaps an open QCX QSO party is in order, would generate more interests if QRO ops can collect QCX serial numbers and see how many they can work. Maybe an experiment inviting an open QCX QSO party is in order and then we can all make an educated decision on how to proceed.

Just a thought.



On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, 11:16:53 AM CDT, Allen N4NN <allen.n4nn@...> wrote:

"If the format doesn’t suit you, don’t participate, to each his own … "
Agree 100%. And, that's why I don't participate anymore.

Back when the QRO category was added I voiced my opinion that I thought it should remain a pure QRP event but was told, clearly, it was a done deal and take it or leave it (my words), so I left it. I'm not a QRP purist and have no axe to grind but I felt like it would dilute the QRP ranks and lesson the chances of making a QRP contact. Don't know if I was right or wrong -- it was just my opinion.

I love my five QCXs and what I do from time to time is spot myself as using one on the SKCC page and most of the time have a QCXx2 QSO. There are a lot of us out there!

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