Re: QCX Challenge #qcx_challenge

Allen N4NN

"If the format doesn’t suit you, don’t participate, to each his own … "
Agree 100%. And, that's why I don't participate anymore.

Back when the QRO category was added I voiced my opinion that I thought it should remain a pure QRP event but was told, clearly, it was a done deal and take it or leave it (my words), so I left it. I'm not a QRP purist and have no axe to grind but I felt like it would dilute the QRP ranks and lesson the chances of making a QRP contact. Don't know if I was right or wrong -- it was just my opinion.

I love my five QCXs and what I do from time to time is spot myself as using one on the SKCC page and most of the time have a QCXx2 QSO. There are a lot of us out there!

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