Re: K6JTH's versatile stand for the QCX-mini


How long did it take to make them ? I may try to get someone to make up a pair for my Mini.


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On Apr 15, 2022, at 4:29 PM, Mark N8MH <marklhammond@...> wrote:

Thanks, Colin!  I just printed a pair, using your ver4 file.  Very nice, slipped right on the QCX-mini.  These were the second and third things printed on the new printer--first thing was the test dog file..

(Btw--another market obviously suffering from supply chain issues evidently is the 3D printer world...took me 2 days to track down a firmware file for the "new compatible" cpu they are using (in a Ender 3 Pro) that supports their CR touch add on..  Anyhow, github to the rescue....)

Mark N8MH

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