Re: CW Decoder

Roelof Bakker

Hello Hans,

Thanks for the insight information, which confirms my observations.
As decoders go yours is very good indeed.

In fact the QCX-decoder is almost too good for monitoring my hand keyed Morse.
What I do is sent a letter with a twin paddle key with my left hand and and then 'copy' it
with my right hand on a straight key. This really helps to improve my hand key sending.

On another note, some time ago the Ultimatic keyer mode of the QCX has been discussed here
which generated some interesting information from DJ5IL.

I have a Winkeyer, which has the correct Ultimatic mode implemented. The Ultimatic keying mode
as found in the QCX is different and requires very precise timing. The paddle closure must end
before about 50% of the keyed element. This makes correct keying very difficult if not

When you are looking for free space in the ATmega328 processor, you might consider to remove
this implementation of the Ultimatic keying mode as I gather very few people are using it as
it is.

Roelof, pa0rdt

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