Re: QDX - TX only starts via Terminal Emulator

Mike Easterbrook


Thanks for the feedback.

Yes I was aware of the need to maximise audio levels from manual & previous posts.  However I had'nt needed to do this earlier so hadn't been looking in that direction. Now reset at 100% and all OK. Love these simple fixes.

Thanks again

On Sun, Mar 27, 2022 at 8:18 PM Evan Hand <elhandjr@...> wrote:
Hi Mike,

Where to start will depend on the flashing of the red LED.  From the release notes on the QRP-Labs web page:

- Status LED flashes more info during TX to aid audio debugging on PC:
  3 flashes means all OK, TXing power;
  2 flashes means transmit mode, but audio level (volume) is too low;
  1 flash means transmit mode, but there is no audio at all

The most likely issue is the audio level being sent to the QDX.  The first thing to check is that the correct audio devices are configured in WSJT-X.  Then be sure the power slider in WSJT-X is all the way up, and that the volume for the audio output to the QDX is also at a maximum.  How you do the second is dependent on your OS on the PC.


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