Re: OK, now I'm stumped, QCX+ 20 M

Evan Hand

Hi Keith,

The 6 points are the three holes on the board and the three leads on the potentiometer.  The old manual had you bend the potentiometer leads as you did and the "bridge" to the board with solder.  This has led to several failures as it is easy to disturb the pressure fit of the leads to the resistance material.  The new way to mount this is to use cut leads from other components first to solder them to the board, then solder them to the side of the corresponding potentiometer lead.  My process was to solder the lead to the potentiometer before mounting.

Hopefully, you did not damage the potentiometer.  The damage did not happen often, but enough to look for better assembly methods.

Just use the leads to bridge the gap from the potentiometer to the board.

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