Re: QCX-Mini Display Issue

Ernie Bailey - N2DGQ

To All,

Many thanks for your very helpful suggestions.  After understanding the schematic diagram flow from IC2 to Display, (and general circuit labeling, thanks KM6WT) I conducted the continuity check.  All checked out.  Understanding the microcontroller was not getting commands, I decided to check out the other connections pertaining to the microcontroller.  I started at XTAL1, and guess what............I completely skipped over that installation and went for the TCXO installation.  WHAT A DOPE!!!!  I installed the crystal and boom up comes the display.  I was hoping there was a simple explanation, and it was.  

Now I can resume with the alignment.  I hope this was the only issue I'll have.  Thanks again to all who supported me.  I received a good education.   

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