Re: QCX-Mini Display Issue

Mont Pierce KM6WT

On Sun, Mar 27, 2022 at 11:22 AM, Ernie Bailey - N2DGQ wrote:
While looking at the schematic for IC2 pin connectivity, do I assume for example pin #2 says "LCD D4" assume that pins goes to Display pin #4?  And pin #3 says "LCD D5", assuming connects to Display pin #5?  So on and so forth for all IC2 pins with designations of LCD. 
Hi Ernie,

Actually it's a bit simpler then that, and no assuming necessary.

It's a common practice when a schematic gets busy with lots of lines connecting different components to shorten the line to a short stub and "Label" it.   Anytime you see a schematic line stop with a label name, you can look for that label name throughout the schematic. 

I actually like the QCX+ Black&White Hi-Res schematics Hans added to the QCX+ page.  It's easier for my eyes to see... 

And since ALL QCXs, although they don't share the same "physical" layout, the do follow the same basic schematics, these image are very helpful. 

The following links can also be found on the QRP-Labs QCX+ webpage (click here).
Just above the bold "Firmware" heading.

Click Here for Main board schematics
Click Here for Display board schematics
Click Here for combined two page pdf with both the above schematics.

On the Display board schematics, you will see:


These labels match exactly the labels on the Main board schematics next to the processor:



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