Re: QCX-Mini Display Issue

Ernie Bailey - N2DGQ

Good afternoon.   I have verified the problem is on the main board. I was able to swap out the new display and new microcontroller to my working 40M rig.  The display worked, and the microcontroller indicated to Select Band as per the first alignment procedure.  I then checked continuity of pins on IC2 socket and the 2x5 male and female connector pins.  All checked out good.  

Next, I wanted to check for continuity per your suggestion from IC2 to the display according to the schematic diagram.  Upon that review I became a bit confused as what I thought was a direct connection but was not. All connections go to the blue line on the schematic.  Unfortunately, my troubleshooting skills are lacking so I'm not sure what that blue line represents.  I need a little more guidance.  While looking at the schematic for IC2 pin connectivity, do I assume for example pin #2 says "LCD D4" assume that pins goes to Display pin #4?  And pin #3 says "LCD D5", assuming connects to Display pin #5?  So on and so forth for all IC2 pins with designations of LCD.   Also Display pinout on the schematic except for VCC, GND and 12VDC, dose not make sense to me.  

Thanks in advance for your guidance.  

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