Re: QCX+ QLG2-SE connections to PTT/Paddle jacks #20m #qcx #gps


Well, the way I do it and I’m not sure if that is the correct way is to turn on rig, connect to dummy load and the just plug in the GPS to paddles. Since my GPS is built into a clock, it is always locked on to satellites so, if I were you, I’d power up rig, plug GPS in to cat for power, wait till it locks on gps signal, connect rig to dummy load and then plug gps in to the paddle. If gps is synced you should see a “G” after the VFO. You can put rig into “practice” mode too to be doubly safe and to prevent burning out your PA, but if you are connected to dummy load and your GPS is synce it should only take a second or to to get a reading. You may want to turn on the “clock” option so that once you sync, you will see the UTC time bottom right. If you are calibrating the Osc freq (menu 8.11) I would definitely make sure the gps is locked before doing calibration. Anyone else do another way?


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