QCX-Mini Display Issue

Ernie Bailey - N2DGQ

I have just completed my second QCX-Mini this one for 20M.  Upon power up the display was one (1) row of blocks.  In looking at the troubleshooting procedures by Ron WA7GIL, item #2 
IC2 may not be getting power. Check for 5 volts on pins 7 and 21 of IC2. If either is missing check for open condition in L6 and L5 respectively. This is easily done by checking for 5 volts on both sides of each inductor.
I found pin #7 has +5VDC, but pin #21 is not getting +5 VDC.  CheckingL6 & L5 they both have +5VDC on each side.  C35 which is tied to pin 21 does not have +5vDC either. 

I have checked and resoldered all pins for IC2 as well as the header connector pins connecting both boards.  IC2 is seated properly.  I am stumped.  Could IC2 be defective? 
Any further troubleshooting ideas would be helpful.    

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