Re: QDX Terminal Emulator Setting-up PuTTY #qdx

Mark N8MH

Hi Mike, since you're using Windows, you can forget about the references to Linux ports, such as this "/dev/ttyACM1" or similar.  It's going to be COMx, where x is specific to the QDX in your system.

What is the COM port that shows up when you plug in the QDX and disappears when you unplug it? (and use the power to do this, not the USB cable...).

All you really need is to figure out what is the COM port number for the QDX, select that in Putty, leave baud at 9600, and then click "open".  That should give you a terminal window to the QDX.  It's actually simpler than the directions appear...

Mark N8MH

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