QDX Terminal Emulator Setting-up PuTTY #qdx

Mike Easterbrook

QDX is built. Rx /Tx working. RF output slightly low:

9V supply, no reverse polarity protection diode (yet):
20m 4.5W Est. Efficiency 66%
30m 4.5W Est. Efficiency 54%
40m 4.4W Est. Efficiency 63%
80m 4.4W Est. Efficiency 64%

Original QDX - Firmware 1.03 - only mod is feeding 3.3v regulator from the 5v line

Trying to look at the filter performance but have had no success in getting PuTTY started, let alone working.  I have been following Hans' instructions in the QDX manual but always get stuck at "serial line .... /dev/ttyACM1"  point. 

I note that my Putty config screen differs bit from the one in the manual is this relevant?

I am in need of a point-by-point instruction list for PuTTY like Hans' construction instructions for the kit build itself.  I reckon I understand less than 10 % of the PuTTY instructions I have been able to find so far. Anyone out there got the patience to do this or point me to where I can find this.

Thanks Mike 9V1LX

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