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On Wed, Mar 9, 2022 at 12:41 PM, R. Tyson wrote:
There is a whole body of highly qualified scientists who can rip apart the ideas about climate change. They never get reported as the mainstream media all push the same agenda. Climate change is happening but not for the reasons that are being pushed forward. Take a look at the Milankovitch cycles and have a rethink. By the way...  when they show you "dead" bleached white coral there is another explanation...
Coral has a symbiotic relationship with a type of algae. It absorbs it and that is what gives coral its multiple colours. At times (for whtever reason) the coral expels the algae and returns to its normal colour which is.......   white.

Don't believe what a highly paid "global warming industry" are saying...   go look it up.  They would have us believe that polar bears are in danger of going extinct....   Canadian Government surveys show around 30,000 polar bears and numbers are increasing since.... trophy hunting was reduced !

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There are lot of people out there who are pushing some FUD, they just use bit of information that is true, deform it and come to the conclusion that suits them. The Milankovitch cycles is a great example of this method of disinformation. These cycles last 10 000 years whereas the climate has just changed dramatically within one generation, if the current warming was due to these cycles, it would take for ever (10s of generations), it would not happen not so abruptly!!! So here you go, they started from an existing theory"forgot" to tell you about the length of these cycles and said "look, all scientists are lying to you, it is not greenhouses gases but Milankovitch cycles. It is very clever way of running propaganda that is often used by dictators.

Don't fall for it, the oil merchants are misinforming us like the cigarette manufacturers used to do.


Yannig - F4IUJ

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