Re: Question for fellow frequency pedantics U3S :) #u3s


On Tue, Mar 8, 2022 at 01:48 PM, Mark N8MH wrote:
hat being said, why does "everybody" receive it several Hz off frequency from what I am supposedly sending?     It is going through the calibration step, but I may not have the best settings for this (seems like I just followed the manual...)     I do understand that the receivers may not be right, but this is seen over thousands of observations, with multiple stations... 
Mark :

I suspect that few receive stations actually go through the soundcard calibration procedure so that is likly why you are seeing varying reported frequencies. Nothing to worry about, the important thing is drift. If it is more than about 4 Hz then that can cause decoding problems. It shouldn't be an issue on the U3S with the TCXO. The "Gold standard" I always use for frequency reports are any spots by Steve, K9AN. He is one of the co-developers of WSJT-X and his station is always bang on.


Michael VE3WMB

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