Re: QDX TX current in spec/slightly above on one band only.

Alan G4ZFQ

Is there a way to determine installed firmware version?

The terminal (Putty)
Also I think you will see it if you go to upgrade mode, the filename shows the installed firmware version.

Make sure it is the latest.

Stand-by/RX 120 mA on 20,30,40
               TX 20 metre 260 mA
               TX 30 metre 1030 mA
               TX 40 metre 240 mA
               TX 80 metre 340 mA

PA FETs very hot to touch after running FT8 for 3-4 cycles.
I guess that is on 30m only?

The currents are strange, why around normal on 30m I reckon. I run mine well under voltage so do not know how hot the BS170s get at full power.
I wonder if the LPF switching is working?
Try the filter traces with a dummy load and the terminal.
Check the voltages on the LPF diodes on each band.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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