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Interesting thread regarding crosstalk between the SI5351 clock outputs

Whilst it is not applicable to QCX I thought I would chime in and let people know how I chose to deal with Crosstalk between clock outputs whilst building and developing my own multimode HF Transceiver.

In short I have used three seperate Si5351 IC's to generate the different clock signals required for my transceiver.

Now there is an issue using three Si5351 IC's on the same I2C bus, all SI5351 IC's have the same HEX address so in theory it can not be done!

Introduce a Multiplexer chip between the I2C bus and the individual SI5351 IC's and you can use multiple SI5351's with the same HEX address over the I2C communications bus.

I am just sharing a little tribal knowledge as I believe it may help other SI5351 users out there but if you want to see how I implemented this details are available on my blog.

Hopefully Bill Meara from the Soldersmoke Podcast wont read this as he will be horrified at the prospect me using three SI5351's in one transceiver and probably have the colour burst liberation army on my case!  HiHi Bill :)


Andy (G6LBQ)

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