QDX TX current in spec/slightly above on one band only.

Mike Easterbrook

Hi All
Completed my build after replacing short circuit C38 (see separate thread)
Now in set-up phase, still with minimal resources after house relocation (have only laptop, 50 ohm dummy load, DMM, soldering iron and QCX 20 &17 - no HF antenna, no SWR/Power meter)
Fortunately challenges are always welcome.

Original version, T1 wound for 9V, 9V supply, only mod is 3.3 v regulator fed from 5v line. I think I updated firmware to 1.03 but not sure as it all happened very quickly.  Is there a way to determine installed firmware version?

Current Measurements (FT8 Mode): 
                Stand-by/RX 120 mA on 20,30,40 
                Stand-by/RX 110 mA on 80

               TX 20 metre 260 mA
               TX 30 metre 1030 mA
               TX 40 metre 240 mA
               TX 80 metre 340 mA
I have reflowed solder joints to all hand-wound inductors - no significant change in any current measurement.

PA FETs very hot to touch after running FT8 for 3-4 cycles.

Anything I could be usefully looking at now before I get more of my tools together.

Mike 9V1LX

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