Re: Recommended Mini QCX mini Speaker?


Do you mean the QRPlabs metallic case for the QCX+ would have enough room for all the add-ons?

On Wed, Mar 2, 2022 at 12:22 PM, Dave VE3GSO wrote:
If you want all that stuff integrated into the case then you want a QCX+, which has enough internal room for a decent sized speaker, battery, battery charger circuit, automatic antenna tuner, etc.
Yes, you would have to do the metal work for the speaker grill, build the LM386 amp, house the batteries, and all that, but Hans has done 95% of the work for you.  


On Mar 2, 2022, at 01:22, tmmlrd <leo.tommasi@...> wrote:

It would be so nice to have an integrated speaker in the QCX mini case. I presume audio quality is not a driver for CW operations, even some distortion from a very small speaker could be accepted... and there are very very small e.g. in cell phones...
Personally I'd prefer a slightly less miniaturized but complete rig (e.g. speaker and battery included, maybe even a touch key) than a supercompact one requiring some external stuffs to operate as the QCX mini is...

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