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Reinhard Gränz

Hi there,

It fits in with the topic that recently in Germany a customs invoice comes after receipt of the shipment. I had received firmware IC's QCX1.08. The shipping time was approx. 14 days. The invoice total including shipping was $30.36. Now I get a customs invoice for €20.35 via FedEX. If they're serious, it's no longer fun to order something outside of Germany. I'll object. Let's see what's going to happen.


73 Reinhard DL3AS


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Hi George


I'm interested to hear what the problems are with FedEx tracking? 


TNT and FedEx are the same company since 2016, but the corporate merger is still ongoing. Gradual progress.


For American continent shipments, delivery has always been handled by FedEx. But locally in Europe the TNT network is dominant. The transition from the European TNT network to the American FedEx network seemed to cause issues in a small (but expensive and time consuming) number of cases, around 1-2%.


Since last month we have been able to ship end-to-end via FedEx and have been doing this for certain countries including American continent counties, Australia and Japan. It appears to considerably increase the reliability, we have not yet experienced a single problem case with FedEx. 

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The new tracking numbers are going to Fedex, but the information provided is not reliable. Is this also the case in the States? 

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