Re: I finally killed my Rev 1 QDX!

Mike Easterbrook

Here's the promised photo of the substitution in the Rev 1 Mini.
Difficult to see exactly what is happening, but no sign of any scraping!
Unfortunately my memory of last year's actions is hazy at best and realistically non-existent.
Hope it may help somehow.

Now to see if I can remember how to get the mini back in it's box!


On Sun, Feb 27, 2022 at 11:32 AM Mike Easterbrook via <> wrote:

I successfully used Chip Quick to remove the AMS1117 from my Rev 1 QCX mini. 
I don't recall any need to scrape away anything - think I just used flying leads. If I get a moment I'll open up the mini & take a look/photo.

On Sun, 27 Feb 2022, 11:12 Mike AE0IH, <michael.ramos.exec@...> wrote:
Dave and Ohwenzelph,

Thank you for the photos of your mods.  

Ryan - sorry about the 1117 failure.  Looking forward to your next video as you resurrect your QDX!  

I'm currently halfway through the build of my Rev1 QDX and I'll be incorporating Dave's substitution of the 1117 with a 78M05.  How difficult is it to scrape away the solder mask for grounding the tab?  What's the best tool for the job - an x-acto knife?  I'm planning on using a dremel with dental burr on the trace but will need to be very careful - it's pretty thin.  Also, any thoughts on best way to remove the 1117-5?  I used Chipquick SMD1 removal alloy to remove the smd inductors.  It worked like a charm!  Thinking about using that on the 1117-5.  Your photos, Ryan's videos, along with Hans' excellent Rev1 manual with schematics and board layout have been very helpful as I plan the next steps.   

Thanks to you all and 73,

Mike - AE0IH

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