Re: If a U4B was to be used as a garden dipole


Attached is an interesting site for wspr spot tracking.
It is set up for the dipole, but you can enter your own call (or two calls) and use the many wonderful features to visualize wspr transmission and reception.
The U4B fan dipole's Basic program looks at the battery voltage and transmits from 2 to 3 times an hour depending on the voltage, and only one time an hour, if the solar voltage is low.
The above Grafana site is quite interesting and fun to use. By changing the variables, you can visualize different things relating to your wspr spots ,your rx antenna profile or other data.
In Canada the month of December is a poor source of sunshine, so the solar dipole would not transmit 24/7 and would go to sleep early and wait till about 10 am local when there was enough winter light to transmit. Looking at the recent days spots graph, the solar cells have been able to charge the lipo battery to get 3 transmissions per hour, so the number of spots have come up and hopefully this frequency will continue through summer to late fall.
73 Dave VE3KCL VA3UAL 

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