Re: 160m WSPR worked great for me on 1.09 firmware overnight


If you do decide to harvest those bytes, could you change how the vfo works at the same time? I've mentioned before but it really makes no sense to go from A -> B -> Split -> then back to A. better that it just goes A -> Split and back to A. Swap should be used as is to go from A to B and back. This is really my only nit with the current UI.

Whatever you decide, thanks for a great little ham radio eco-system!


On Mon, Feb 14, 2022 at 2:27 PM Hans Summers <hans.summers@...> wrote:

RIT, VFO A, B and which VFO is current, as well as RIT in 4.2, are all parameters which ahould be thought of as default start-up parameters used in power-up. 

And the "Save settings" action is more of a "Save state" thing that really writes the current state of the VFO, RIT and Speed to those default setting menu items for loading at start-up. 

Those menu items could indeed be dropped. The underlying saved values would still need to be there as would "Save settings" or "Save state" as maybe it should be renamed. 

It's quite a drastic action and I don't feel like I'm quite ready for it... I'll have to sleep on it some. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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I would go so far as to suggest that menu 4.2 is superfluous and could be deleted thereby saving a few more bytes for other stuff. :)


On Mon, Feb 14, 2022 at 12:47 PM Julian N4JO <n4jo@...> wrote:

Hi Hans,

No, not  at all: everything you just typed (and what is in the manual) matches what I observe. What I found misleading is that I expected that any change I made to the setting in 4.2 to be saved on "Save Settings", but it isn't. If I change key speed in 4.2, exit the menu, and re-enter, my change looks like it's there, but if I "Save Settings" and go back into 4.2, what is actually in there is what was previously set using a single press of the left button, which is not the focus of the change I just attempted to make.

In other words, i.m.o. having the ability to change keyer speed in 4.2 is misleading if that value is never retained on "Save Settings". I would have expected that value - given that it is in a menu and editable - to be saved on "Save Settings" (which it isn't), and I would not have expected it to be overridden by the current value on "Save Settings" (which it is). I notice that "Save Settings" saves the current VFO settings too, so your philosophy is consistent, though you have the additional complexity of presets to deal with there.

The reason this came up at all is that when I return a unit to a customer, I go through the menus, reset everything to reasonable/your default values (and replacing my call and Maidenhead Locator with those of my customer in the beacon settings for their convenience, for example), and do a "Save Settings". That includes setting the keyer speed back at 12 WPM (or whatever they had it set to, if I remember), because when I test, I test at my preferred speed, which is 18 WPM. After doing a box-up and re-test, it surprised me that the boot-up keyer speed was back to 18 again, even though I thought I had set it to 12 while going through the menus.

I'm not arguing that it's wrong, it's just the way I think of it, that's all. (I think of the single button press value as being volatile in both ways: to be reset upon boot, and not to be saveable.)  I guess I just don't remember  it being the way it is... not that that means anything ;-)

No worries: if it behaves the way you intended, and it works in 1.08+ the way it always has, I have no issue.


Julian, N4JO.

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