Re: Second Best location for an antenna tuner #antenna #tune


Dunno. I once used the following setup :

inverted vee dipole > homebrew ladder line > 4:1 balun outside > short 50ohm coax > AMU inside > TRX

It worked well.

Michael 2E0IHW

On 14/02/2022 18:41, KI7MWA via wrote:
If I understand correctly, the BEST place for an antenna tuner is at the antenna feed point.  If the antenna is being fed with 50 ohm coax, the feed-line losses would be minimal so long as the impedance at the feed point was also 50 ohms, wherefore any mis-match created by the antenna would be corrected by the tuner, and any reflected energy would be re-reflected immediately back into the antenna...voila, minimal losses!

Barring that, as in my case, wherein my antenna is being fed with 450 ohm ladder line (which, so I'm told, has minimal transmission losses), the 2nd best place would be at the end of the ladder line, just before it connects to the 1:1 current balun  (after which, the coax that connects to my rig) - NOT, as is more convenient, at the place where the coax connects to my rig.

Am I presenting a reasonable degree of understanding?

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