Re: ProgRock operation

Alan G4ZFQ

On 09/02/2022 20:40, TomT wrote

From the ProgRock operating manual. Pr1.02
"You setup a digit on the 4-way DIP switch then press the button briefly. The LED flashes 4 times quickly to confirm the button press. Wait for the LED to stop flashing. Then setup the next digit."
I did not realise it had changed, did not upgrade because I did not need quadrature.

Strange it is the same as Ian's. I'd wonder if there was a bug if the firmware had not been changed for years.

I did use the buttons, I had mine long before the serial method was introduced. But since then I've used the serial method, very much easier and quicker.

I used a serial UART

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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