Re: Attenuator for QRP-Labs VFO SigGen

Jim Allyn - N7JA

I have a dozen or so SMA attenuators I bought for 6 to 10 dollars each on ebay.  See image below:

They are rated to 6 GHz, and rated power is 2 watts.  I haven't swept every one over the full 6 GHz range, but I have spot checked them up to 2.1 GHz, and they're fine.  I will soon have the ability to test them to 6 GHz and beyond with reasonable precision and will sweep them all at that time.  I also have a few nearly identical looking SMA attenuators that are rated to 18 GHz.  I'm thinking I paid maybe 15 or 18 dollars for those.

I  was thinking to myself the other day, as I shopped for yet another attenuator, what an irony that many search for ways to increase their power output, and I have all these devices to reduce power.  I must have 30 or 40 attenuators of various types in my lab/shack.

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