Wire Guage for QCX Mini 40M

Ernie Bailey - N2DGQ

This is my first QCX project.  I have just finished the QCX mini for 40M.  I do not like how the windings for T1 came out and want to rewind it.  I do not have enough wire that came with the kit, so i purchased #28 AWG from Amazon.  Upon receiving it I compared the wire diameter with the wire diameter that came with the kit. The drawing in the manual from Ed WA4MZS shows #28 AWG with a wire diameter of 0.33mm.  In checking what I purchased on Amazon shows a 0.309mm diameter.  

Before I start taking T1 off the board, for rewinding does the slight reduction in mm diameter matter or am I good to go with a .309mm diameter wire?

Thanks in advance for the groups feedback.  

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