Re: Welcome Lawrence G4GZG


I well remember the blind panic as my first HF CQ call on CW was answered, though the logbook is not available to me right now in this qth. It must have been about 1982 or thereabouts, and I was using a very much second hand, all valve/tube rig - a Yaesu FT200, manufactured around 1969. I later managed a two way CW QSO - UK to VK on that rig with a ridiculous G5RV 'antenna'.  The quotes there are deliberate. It was a terrible travesty of an antenna, and I would have been far better off with as big a doublet as I could manage, fed with open wire or 300 or 600 ohm ribbon cable. Lots of my signal would have been eaten up by the high swr in the coax section.

I should maybe say that the FT200 did have one transistor, which was used in the local oscillator - apart from that, it had sixteen valves or tubes if you like. 

Tony G0BZB

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