Re: Win7 + QDXv2 not recognised #troubleshooting #qdx #w7

Alan G4ZFQ

On 07/01/2022 10:47, Mike wrote:
despite installing, and re-installing, the relevant drivers for WIN7 it refuses to be recognised.

I made these notes, put it on my old laptop for testing. STM XP-W8 drivers \en.stsw-stm32102_v1.5.0(1).zip

This downloads \ In it are .inf files.
Try updating the driver and directing the installer to the relevant .inf 32/64 bit.

Select COM ports
Select STMicroelectronics - virtual COM port
Dimiss "unsuitable" warning.
Now the COM port should show in Device Manager.
This may be required if you subsequently use a different USB port.

I also think I never got W7 to see the QDX as a memory stick for updating..

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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