Re: unsoldering - a bit off topic

M Carroll

Thanks for the excellent tip about slow-solidifying chip removal material! I found Fast Chip and Chip Quick on Amazon. It's not cheap but it can definitely help remove modern pcb components without spending a lot of money on special desoldering equipment that might be seldom used.


On Sun, Jan 2, 2022, 12:09 PM Syd via <> wrote:
Recently I had to solder in a SMA PC mounted connector and then, for some reason, I had to take it out.  Heating up the pads (of a very good heat sink)  and trying to remove it one pin at a time with a screwdriver was no help, neither was using solder wick  or  a solder pump. I recently bought an surface mount solder and unsoldering tutorial kit to learn more about installing and uninstalling surface mounted devices. It came with special solder flux and and something called 'FastChip', a low temperature solder alloy! One can flood all the solder pads and the solder will not solidify for several minutes so one can remove large surface mount ICs with a set of tweezers. So I took out a piece of 'Fast Chip' and flooded the 5 terminals to the SMA connector and all of a sudden the whole thing just fell off the board!  This might come in handy for removing high heat capacity metal items from PC boards without damaging the board!

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