Re: Maybe it's the first #qcxmini #3D Printed #qcxmini #3d #enclosure

William Smith

Nice, thanks for sharing, that's a lot of work!

73, Willie N1JBJ

On Dec 27, 2021, at 12:12 PM, BG6LH via <jamflying@...> wrote:

Hello every OM!

I'd bought a QCX-mini Kit last summer, without enclosure.
Coz I just bought a 3D printer Kit before that.
So I decided to make a 3D printed one.
Finally, I finished it on the end of 2021...

If you wanna print one by yourself, you can download it from:

With the fixing holes on the PCB, they can be perfectly assembled together.
weight: 168g , totally
Size: 98x65x27mm, LWH
* Flat Head Screws: M3x12, 8 pics
* Copper columns: M3x11, 4 pics, or use the nylon columns in the QCX-mini kit.


There is also a prototype design of accurate measurement.
I would like to share it with the HAM Radio community.
OM can make some derivatives based on it.

Have fun~


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