Re: Paddle Type for QCX mini #40m

Roelof Bakker


- I dug out my straight key and , oh boy, it was simply hard to relearn.

I am in the same league.

To improve upon my Morse skills, I have downloaded 'Zen and the Art of Radiotelegraphy' by
IK0YGJ, Carlo Consoli and edited by N0HFF. You can find it here:

Starting page 37 instructions are given to use a straight key by listening to a 5 letter group
and then repeat this group on the key. This way you learn to achieve good timing.

I use the Morse decoder in my QCX+ to evaluate my sending.

It works for me!

There is a lot of interesting material in this book regarding to learn the code.
The main points are:

1. relax
2. daily exercises lasting no longer than 15 minutes
3. relax
4. relax
5. etc.

Roelof, pa0rdt
(close to 50 years using Morse Code and still learning)

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