Re: Terrific QST review of Mini!

Curt wb8yyy

Well on the geek speak, and I see ARRL changed the terminology some, there is both single and two signal testing. They represent the combined performance of filtering and component linearity in the receiver. 2 kHz performance is less because filtering offers less rejection there. To get a feel for these numbers compare them with tests of a rig you are familiar with. Also ask yourself how often you receive a tiny signal with a large one more than 100 dB higher nearby. Yes exotic superhets with narrow sharp roofing filters can do it, but each filter costs more than a QCX. Appreciate ARRL took time to test the QCX. Perhaps look around for other reviews. BTW CW even sounds better on this excellent direct conversion receiver that doesn’t need xtal filters, not that I still don’t enjoy these other rigs. Appreciate the diversity. 


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