Re: Battery power for the QDX? #power

Brent WT4U

On Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 01:16 PM, Bill Cromwell wrote:
His comment was in response to my suggestion. I decided it would be a waste of time to respond to his 4 vs 5 watt vs six watt superstitions :)

Superstition is about right. I thought I made it clear that I wasn't trying to defend it as a rational position. At QRP levels, a whole watt borders on significance but probably doesn't quite get there. But I still want it. Go figure.

I think I'm going to try a BA90JC5T* 9V 1.5A LDO regulator with the recommended 0.33µF decoupling cap in front and a ~100µF capacitor & and 100µH inductor after to filter the high end (unless someone has a better idea). I'll test feeding it with straight battery power vs through a shielded buck/boost converter to see if it A) makes a difference, and B) saves enough current to be worth it.

72, –Brent WT4U
* unless somebody has a lead on a sufficient 9.2V LDO so I can bump it from 4.9W to the full gallon /s ;-)

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