Re: QCX WARC party - a good day at the office

Zdenek OK2BQN

Hello everyone,
in the session 13:00 at 30m he called me DK5FN with KX3 + 15W and when he learned that I have QCX he finished the session also with QCX. I also worked with two QCX stations G4CWS Chris and M3PMG Dave. I also had a connection with three stations without QCX IR0MMI, PA3CWG and I4CKC.
At 19:00 only one connection with QCX G4YTJ John and 5 QSOs without QCX 9H1ZX, G0DOZ, F6IWD, EA3PP, G4FAL.
My antenna is WINDOM for 1.8 - 50MHz with a 1: 4 current balun home made, inverted V, unbalanced center 12m high.
It is a great pity that there was very little participation.
73 Zdenek

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