QCX WARC party - a good day at the office

Chris Wood

Good morning all,

I took part in the 1300Z session with the best result I've had so far.

OK2BQN for a QCX-QCX contact, DK5FN (KX3 and 15w), IZ3SOI, HB9WG  and F2QJ (all QRO).  Then just after 1400Z, UR5UEY.

I was using my 20m QCX-mini set to 30m with an external LPF feeding my 43m doublet at 8m agl.  So I was quite happy with that and thank you to all.

But the day got better.

An hour later I worked VK6XI on 30m FT8 for my first ever VK.  And in the evening I succeeded in ordering a QDX.

So, a very good day at the office and I hope others had an enjoyable day as well.

Look forward to the next QCX party.

Chris  G4CWS

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